Hamilton at Pantages Theater

The other was the popular comic novel Tristam Shandy by Lawrence Stern, in which a man is about to kill a fly, but stops, deciding the world is large enough for both of them. Burr said, “If I had read more Stern and less Voltaire, perhaps I would have realized that the world was large enough for both Hamilton and me” (“The Duel”). While defending oneself was gentlemanly, succeeding in killing one’s opponent was considered savage, and Hamilton had been popular. Burr was one of the first duelists charged with murder. To avoid prosecution, he fled New York, leaving behind his mansion and all his possessions. After, he led a foolhardy attempt to invade Mexico, was tried for treason, and was forced into exile in Europe. His political career was destroyed. Watch the full version of the show, purchase best tickets for Hamilton at Pantages theater.

Hamilton survived for thirty-one agonizing hours. He died on July 12, 1804, at age forty-nine. His sudden passing shocked the nation – the New York Supreme Court and Bank of New York draped black banners. For an entire month, New Yorkers wore black armbands.

New York City held the largest funeral in its history. Chernow concludes:

There was a tremendous outpouring of grief and emotion. The funeral cortege went on for hours. I think literally every person in the city was lining the streets, looking out of windows, standing on roofs. It was said that every woman in particular was crying at the time of Hamilton’s death. (Alexander Hamilton: American Experience)
He was buried behind Trinity Church in New York City, steps away from the site of the Treasury Office. Around the corner is Wall Street and the Stock Exchange he helped create. Washington, all in white and lit up, enters and shares his friend’s legacy. “Who lives, who dies, who tells your story,” the ensemble sings. “The song is set to a reflective yet dramatic instrumental as Hamilton’s friends and family close the play” (“Going H.A.M.”).

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