Best Outdoor Showers with Garden Hoses 2010

it is been absolutely warm recently; the kind of warm when dousing your self with cool water from a garden hose is a remarkable alternative to a pool or ocean (specifically if you do not have get entry to to one of those). Leah lately prepare a definitely great put up on out of doors bathe inspiration and tips. right here’s my up to date roundup of all of the exceptional showers i’ve been capable of discover. i’ve delivered a reader recommendation in addition to a new fancy layout that got here in from Europe lately. were given an amazing tip? put it in the comments and i’ll test here is the top and best garden hose list.we find out the best commuter bike under 500

>> The Delta Shower by Inga Sempe: This is a luxurious new design from Europe by Inga Sempe, “who is known for her minimalist, pure, simple and beautiful designs.” Made from teak and stainless steel, “it is also possible to adapt a thermostatic mixer to get the desired temperature.”

>> The Backyard Gear Shower Station @ Walmart: Recommended by a reader last year: “I recently bought an outdoor shower by Backyard Gear, which is admittedly not as design-savvy, but just $55 and works great. Has a soap dish and a nice hose sprayer attachment.”

>> The Providence Shower: This is the pic that inspired me. Unfortunately, it’s from Restoration Hardware, and they are out of stock right now. Perhaps next summer….?Check The Aerocart Review blog.

>> Outdoor Shower from Orvis: “Hooks up to an outdoor hose spigot, and can be easily adapted for hot water. Made of water- and weather-resistant nyatoh wood.” This shower is very similar to the Restoration Hardware shower, AND it is also out of stock right now. Super bummer.

>> Minimalist Outdoor Shower From Atelier Tradewinds: “The acacia wood frame is set on a couple of nylon gliders so that the shower can easily be moved. The shower tube itself is made of galvanized steel; a simple tap attached to the tube regulates the water pressure.”

>> Under the Tree Outdoor Shower by Michael Siegler: “Anchored by a spike in the ground, “Under the Tree,” simply twists into your garden hose near its base. Water streams from the highest branch; use the other branches for hanging towels and clothing. Girl not included.”

>> Extremis Garden Shower by Tom De Vrieze: “Place the Serpentine wherever you want. Plug your regular garden hose to the end of the stainless steel tube and your shower is ready for use.”

>> Island Style Outdoor Shower: “…boasts solid stainless steel and brass construction coupled with a treated wood standing grate. This misting shower has both a hot and a cold-water intake. Also features a handy foot wash, perfect for cleaning off sand or grit before entering your home, cottage or pool.”

>> Java Teak Shower from Douche de Jardin: “Standard 1/4 turn faucet with small braces or a large 1/4 turn faucet with large braces as an option, accessories made of chromed brass, marine quality stainless steel screws and nuts.” They’ve got a whole line of these things…

>> Calazzo Outdoor Shower: “The shower head is individually handmade with precision machined nozzles to give you total control over the intensity of your shower with a twist of the teak handle.”

>> Solar fizz solar powered Pool & Garden Shower: “a Swiss made product of highest quality,designed for a long life. Set up in 1 Minute. Simply attach to the water hose. Detachable shower hose. 30 Litre heated water can be mixed with cold water.”


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