Apple TV Package Update Package Update for Apple TV (2nd propagation)

iOS5 베타버전을 업데이트하기위해 iPhone/iTunes 는 Apple개발자 페이지에서 베타다운받아 인스톨 하면 됩니다. 그런데 Apple TV는 어떻게 인스톨할까요? 보통의 경우라면 Apple 사이트에서 자동 다운로드 됩니다.

1. Apple TV UDID를 개발자 프로그램 포털사이트에 등록(Apple TV 뒷에 USB cable과 노트북을 연결후 iTunes실행)

2. 다운받은 Apple TV용 베타프로그램을 iTunes의 fix 클릭하여 설치합니다.

Apple TV Package Update Package Update for Apple TV (2nd coevals)

Apple TV Package beta enables users to mirror contented of an iPad 2 to an Apple TV exploitation AirPlay. Apple TV Package beta is beingness provided to tryout the modish AirPlay functionality with your iOS 5 apps and web sites.

Installment the pre-release Apple TV Package beta requires a USB to micro-USB cablegram (sold singly). If you like to establish Apple TV Package beta on your twist, you moldiness outset cross-file your twist UDID in the iOS Developer Programme Portal..

1. Gulf the mightiness and HDMI cables from Apple TV. Notation: If you do not unplug the powerfulness line earlier connecting the micro-USB line, you testament not see Apple TV in the iTunes Root name.

2. Relate one end of a micro-USB wire to the rachis of your Apple TV, and the otc end to one of your computer’s USB ports.

3. Out-of-doors iTunes on your estimator. 4. Prime your Apple TV in the Germ lean, so option-click Regenerate. 5. Voyage to the Apple TV Package ikon and detent ʻContinueʼ.

Notation: To homecoming your Apple TV to the publically released Apple TV Package rendering, choice your Apple TV in the Germ listing then clink Fix. Do not unplug your Apple TV’s index wire during the doctor operation. Restoring to either pre-release or publically released package done iTunes leave readjust your Apple TV settings, accounts, and constellation.

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