Apple now allowing capable 200 trial devices per iOS developer story

A vary to Apple’s iOS developer policies started trilled out on Friday, with the accompany now allowing capable 200 examination devices per exploiter invoice.

The modify, intelligence of which low circulated on Chirrup, doubles the figure of devices a developer can deliver fighting when examination their app. Not all accounts are screening the new lineament, and Apple has yet to formally affirm the platform’s elaboration.

Apple’s rules as seen on its developer site hush tone solitary 100 unparalleled devices may be deployed for examination per report, annually. To dungeon raceway of a developer’s twist bet, the troupe records the unequaled twist identifiers, or UDIDs, for apiece deployed whole. If a twist is distant from examination mid-year, it counts against the tally add.

Because developers pauperization to tryout their apps on multiple iPhone, iPad and iPod versions, the 100 gimmick bound may suit restrictive if units are busted or rendered unuseable.

It is not presently known when Apple plans to over the rollout, but developers can checkout their somebody invoice condition by visiting the on-line Developer Core.

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