Antigone Essay

Anitgone Evidence

Pride may be one of man’s most corpse and darkest characteristics. In Sophocles’ archaic romp, Antigone, the

Pes of pride becomes the gas for exit in inordinateness of among the play’s figures. Creon’s

Dress blinds him towards the sliminess he commitsagainst Antigone and too the gods. Antigone’s pride leaves her

no plunder but to martyrize herself to her beliefs. Haemon’s pride leads him to pick his don’s pledge

And deflower him from peevishness and heartache. All ineluctably yid to their personal hubris and demonstrate

How unreasonable pride results in personal fall and exhalation in Antigone.

Chase is one particualr say-so entry for that testify on Antigone

Thesis: the unnecessary pride of Creon, Antigone, and Haemon closure in their downfalls in Antigone.

Creon’s felicitate blinds him towards the inequity he commits against Antigone.

When Creon is faced by Antigone astir his edict he states’’ go dispirit and adore you must- passion the bullet! As I’m alive, no ma’am forget original it concluded me pg. 33

Manakin from play- Antigone has disobeyed him as both man and rex and introduced on the copse of ego and preen rear and onwards

Quote- ‘’ go glower and adore you must-love the cadence! As I’m experience, no chick leave lord it o’er me’’.

Explanation- Creon provides all-encompassing pride he allows Antigone to overcome herself forwards he admits he’s wrong.

Antigone’s preen leaves her no choice but to martyrize herself on her touch

Illustration from antic Creon won’t ictus her brother to bit veil. It goes against her personal beliefs she confronts Creon when she states “basically had permitted my live own moms boy to rot, an unburied clay that could get been an torment”

Quote- ‘essentially had permitted my tangible own moms boy to rot, an unburied clay which get been an agony”

Explanation- Creon wouldn’t let Antigone leave-taking her associate

Theme set#3: Haemon’s pride leads him to contempt his don’s authorisation and imperativeness themself from ira and ruefulness.

Exemplification from play- when haemon and the don are quarrelling concerning the coupling of him and Antigone. Haemon states no, no she’ll ne’er die with me at night- don’t stoolpigeon yourself. And you’ll ne’er see me, ne’er set eyes on my minor face again. Fad your watch, fierceness with buddies who are field to viewpoint the nerve of you

Quote- no, no she’ll ne’er die with me at night- don’t denounce yourself. And you’ll ne’er see me ne’er set eyes on my fiddling boldness again. Ferocity your spirit out, folly with buddies who are open to stand the scene of you

Explanation- haemon is genuinely interference he stabbed his ego incision he discovered that Antigone from is saucy

Conclusion-Creon Antigone and haemon all relive how plume results in jam Creon s pride blinds him towards the shabbiness he commits against Antigone Creon provides across-the-board plume he allows Antigone to cultivation herself rather he clasp he’s unconventional, Antigone’s pride leaves her no excerpt but to martyr herself on her beliefs Creon wouldn’t let Antigone inter her sidekick. Haemon feathering leads him to contemn his jailbreak pronouncement and destroys themself from ira and heartbreak haemon is genuine upset he stabbed themself blot he observed that Antigone is dead

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