Aboveground-belowground Ecologic Linkages in Alien Works Intrusion: Thymus vulgaris L. in Fundamental Otago, New Zealand

Aboveground-belowground Bionomical Linkages in Alien Works Encroachment: Thymus vulgaris L. in Primal Otago, New Zealand

Nielsen, Jacqueline Anna

Citation this particular: Nielsen, J. A. (2013). Aboveground-belowground Ecologic Linkages in Alien Embed Intrusion: Thymus vulgaris L. in Primal Otago, New Zealand (Dissertation, Doc of Ism). University of Otago. Retrieved from p

Consultant: Dickinson, Katharine; Whigham, Prick; Frew, Russell; Callaway, Ragan

Arcdegree Study: Phytology

Publisher: University of Otago

Keywords: Thymus vulgaris ; Exchange Otago ; alien flora intrusion ; aboveground-belowground bionomics

The aim of this dissertation was to better our sympathy of the processes and mechanisms inherent the successful encroachment of Thymus vulgaris L. in Cardinal Otago, New Zealand by performance aboveground and underground studies crossways multiple spacial scales. I examined the effects of encroachment on ecosystem alimentary cycling, grease properties, grime bacterial community construction and role, and imbed species variety among sites, at the border of invaded engraft communities and ‘tween north- and south-facing slopes. I likewise evaluated the persona of thyme’s foliar chemic diverseness in the intrusion procedure.

The effects of thyme on ecosystem nutritious cycling processes were investigated victimization n and c stalls isotope psychoanalysis of thyme leaves and grime. Depress territory δ15N privileged thyme stands may bespeak that thyme impacts n cycling or it could mull the effects of increased creature graze on the next uninvaded communities. Thyme leaves were importantly 15N low compared to grime. This determination requires foster studies to measure how thyme is accessing n and the purpose this may gaming in thyme’s encroaching winner in the nitrogen-poor soils of Primal Otago.

Thither were substantial changes in grease properties associated with thyme. Land wet, ammonium and constitutional p increased from interior to remote of thyme stands whilst gumption subject reduced from indoors to exterior thyme stands. Thither were no pregnant encroachment impacts on grease bacterial community construction or role which may be due to the limit of the methods employed. Generally, situation differences were the major determining of variableness in land properties and filth bacterial multifariousness.

Thither was no attest of a kinship ‘tween face or intrusion border and patterns of fluctuation of thyme’s requisite oil alchemy. Yet, higher p-cymene levels in thyme leaves in thyme’s introduced compass hither in Primal Otago compared to its aboriginal habitat hint a potential use for thyme’s crucial oil alchemy version in encroachment.

Univariate and multivariate analyses revealed greater set species multifariousness at the boundary and international of thyme stands than inwardly of thyme stands in footing of set community make-up, teemingness and patterns of spacial variance. Abundances of alien forbs, alien grasses, alien shrubs and aboriginal shrubs showed the sterling increases from indoors to international of invaded thyme stands. Species cornucopia was glower inner of thyme stands than at the adjoin, but thither were no pregnant increases from the boundary to away thyme.

I too examined the effects of dirt from below thyme on the sprouting value and seedling ontogeny of thyme-associated alien and aborigine pot species. Aboriginal grasses had frown sprouting rates than alien grasses on dirt from below thyme besides as on the ascendance grime. Contention rock-bottom seedling biomass of alien and indigen grasses big in land from nether thyme also as controller territory. Species differences were the major determinants of variance in sprouting rates and seedling outgrowth.

Victimisation an incorporate aboveground-belowground attack this discipline has shown the focusing of bionomical modification associated with the encroachment of Thymus vulgaris is context-dependent. Although the encroachment of thyme importantly affects www.campuselockers.com/ set species variety and is associated with changes in ecosystem alimental cycling and ground properties, locate differences and the interaction of website and scene explicate the virtually unevenness in engraft assemblages, ecosystem nutritious cycling, grease properties and grease bacterial community construction and procedure interior, at the adjoin and exterior of thyme stands.

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